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  • segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

    Parkway Drive

    Deep Blue (2010)
    Gênero: Metalcore

    1. Samsara
    2. Unrest
    3. Sleepwalker
    4. Wreckage
    5. Dead Weight
    6. Alone
    7. Pressures
    8. Deliver Me
    9. Karma
    10. Home Is for the Heartless (ft. Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion)
    11. Hollow (ft. Marshall Lichtenwaldt of The Warriors)
    12. Leviathan I
    13. Set to Destroy 

    3 comentários:

    1. galera
      curte ae nossa pagina no Facebook

      (NoFace Metalcore) Manaus

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    3. love parkway drive, is a really good metalcore band, cheers brother!